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Judith French, 2008.

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Place: Teatar Exit, Zagreb
Starring: Judita Franković, Dražen Čuček and Ivan Đuričić
Direction: Vlatka Vorkapić
Dramaturgy: Irena Čurik
Makeup and costume design: Slavica Šnur
Stage design: Petra Held
Music: Ivanka Mazurkijević and Stanko Kovačić
Comic book: Nikola Krnjajić
Production assistant: Tamara Babun
Producer: Lidija Ivanda Coproduction: Ars Septima Ltd &Teatar Exit

About the performance

A comic book heroine, successful broker, dismissed kiosk saleswoman and seemingly quiet young man from mental hospital in the final episode of the comic book JUDITH FRENCH- begins lika Pretty woman and ends like Reservoir Dogs! (Radio 101) Theatre performance JUDITH FRENCH of the writer-director Vlatka Vorkapić (writer-director of cinema hit Sonja i bik) with Judita Franković (female lead of film Sonja and bik and TV serial Počivali u miru) will mark its fifth theatre performance with festive interpretation in Teatar Exit on Saturday 9.2 2013.
A completely ordinary, everyday action of coming to the closest kiosk for a pack of favourite cigarettes, will change life path of two people- a girl that by a typical turn of today's merciless unsafe life, within only a couple of hours finds herself without a job and rented room and an arrogant and insensitive young man due to his achieved success, who provides himself in immaterial sense by means of material. Money connects people and free time makes them happy. His free time is made up by prostitutes disguised in book comic heroine Judith French, but as much as earned money does not represent more than a momentary satisfaction, the same way does sexual fulfillment not last any longer than its action limitations. Real happiness of leisure for this man would be a real face of the beloved heroine. It happened accidentally that the kiosk girl had this face; luck helped the girl to find herself in a no-exit situation and our protagonist, just like any successful broker, does not miss a good opportunity. He represents himself, charms, offers accommodation and food. Her deposit would be to act Judith French just for a couple of hours daily; dressed in costumes, with stage properties and replicas from the comic book. Small home theatre for one person. But experiences and feelings are insufficient by themselves as though they didn't exist till they get documented, materialized and have a physical form. Damir, as a real man of the present day, records their encounters with a hidden camera. Final part of the performance takes place in the blind spot of the camera.
Damir is himself not aware to what an extent he is right when he says: I would sooner guess price of each share a month in advance than foresee a woman's reaction. Judita Franković won the award of Croatian Acting Performance, Marul and Fabijan Šovagović, for the best female drama role. Vlatka Vorkapić has received the first award of Marin Držić for the best drama text. Ivanka Mazurkijević and Stanislav Kovačić (Stampedo) are the winners of Marul award for the best original music. Starring: Judita Franković, Dražen Čuček, Ivan Đuričić /Petar Atanasoski.