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I am my own wife , 2008.

„I am my own wife“ is a play about Lothar Berfelde. He was born in Berlin in 1928. Most of his life he spent as Charlotte von Mahlsdorf (Mahlsdorf is a neighborhood in Berlin). Charlotte became famous as a passionate collector of everyday objects from the Grundzeit period. She managed to obtain the only fully equipped Weimar cabaret in spite of leaving in the communist East Berlin and as a transvestite. Never concealing her sexual orientation and wearing a dress she survived two totalitarian regimes: Nazi and communist. She was given a medal of honor by German government after the fall of the Berlin wall for preservation of important cultural heritage. A dark light was thrown on her reputation when Stasi documents were open and her file implicated her as possibly a traitor of close friends. From a beloved celebrity she fell back to being persona non grata. Her testimony of the Stasi period remains wage. She died in 2002. Doug Wright made extensive research and many interviews with Charlotte who also gave him approval to view her Stasi records. The play was finished with the help of Sundance foundation and awarded Pulitzer and Tony, as well as many other awards. The Croatian performance is planned for late October 2008, with Branko Ivanda as director and Duško Valentić as Charlotte. The performances will take place in the venue of The Jewish Community in Zagreb and other venues in Croatia.