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Branko Ivanda

Branko Ivanda was born in Split and schooled in Zagreb at Faculty of Philosophy and Academy of Dramatic Arts. He has been directing feature and TV films, TV dramas, documentaries, theatre plays and writing scripts and essays for over thirty years. A number of his TV films were awarded on eminent international festivals (Mar del Plata, London, Los Angeles, New York, critics award FIPRESCI on the Berlin festival, Award at the Festival in Bergam, multiple representative of HRT-a on PRIX ITALIA, Debitant award on Pula film festival and several Golden Arenas for feature films, Best foreign film World Fest Houston, twice laureate of TV Festivala in Portorož, etc.) He has been teaching at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb since 1980. with a five-year break from 1985. until 1990., at which time he was a teacher on University of California Los Angeles.

Objective:Director and screenwriter for Motion Picture and TV, born in Split

The Court Martiaal / feature film

„A cousin to the bizzare doings in Polansky's Cul de Sac…a rellentles skewering of colaborators, ending with the directors bravura finish.“
Kevin Thomas L.A. TIMES
„La plus exceptionelle decouvrete. Tout le film se deroule dan sune fantastique atmosphere kafkienne.“
Andre Coranad CINEMA

A crime on Campus / feature film

Gravitation / feature film

„L'opera e girata molto bene. Dietro alla compassione peri l proprio eroe, il registra tende a mostrarci la staticita di una condizione umana, come la filigrana nel lavor odi Olmi.“

Night after death / feature film

„Pic is based on a short story by K.S. Djalski in the imagination tradition of Edgar Allan Poe. Very successful and fascinating in thematic content.“

The Horseman / feature film

Released in theaters and numerous film festivals.


  • 17 feature TV films and plays
  • 100 TV documentaries, shorts, classical music concerts and opera performances, video music.


  • More than 150 commercials


  • Berlin (Fipresci)
  • Bergamo
  • Pulam
  • Portoroz Film Festival
  • Houston (Grand prix – foreign film)

Film festivals

  • Berlin
  • Venice
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • New York
  • Firenza
  • Bergamo
  • Mar Plata
  • Festival of India – Goa


  • 5 feature films
  • 16 TV feature films
  • 2 stage plays