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About us

Ars Septima is a production company which evolved from publishing back in 1990s with its first project, the book by Vladek Vuković titled "Imitation of life". It gathers the team of professional producers which are actively involved in film and theater production. Sparking ideas with great team effort produced documentary and feature film about Lea Deutsch and Darija Gasteiger. In the theater Ars Septima produced two plays which were successfully presented in 2008. ("Judith French" and "I am my own wife"). Ars Septima is constantly doing research for future projects focusing on feature and documentary films for TV and the big screen. Our dedication and expertise were also recognized by our partners which are supporting us in our pursuit for producing projects that are rooted in intriguing and socially important subjects.

Our vision is to become one of the leading production companies in the region by doing projects which inquire in socially responsible subjects.
By professional conduct, intriguing subjects, careful selection of our team members and creative engagement, we want to bring freshness to the culture scene and delight to the audience.