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Kolak - Mirković, 2013.

65 year-old Mrs Mirkovic’s husband just died. It happened after a two-year, painful and exhausting disease.
Her neighbor, 75-year old Mr. Kolak was hardly waiting for that moment.
He has been in love with her for a long time. He dressed up, shaved, adjusted his hair and knocked on her door to express his sympathy. He went courting.
Confused, Mr. Kolak gathered his strength and poured his feelings for her as if she was fifteen years old. Suddenly there is lightning and storm and the spirit of her late husband Peter, whose body was taken out of the apartment less than an hour ago, appeared to them. He appeared on TV and attacked Mr. Kolak for seducing his newly widowed wife.
Ms Mirkovic starts disputing with her husband, telling him what she didn’t want to tell him while he was alive. 
Spirit disappeared from the TV as the strange and comical situations that clearly suggested that they started to fall in love.
As they were teenagers.