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Branko Ivanda

Synopsis for feature-length documentary film
An incredible and mysterious case in which art historian Nena Komarica discovers Croatian painter Maksimilijan Vanka identifying her figure and fate with him.
Nena takes us through her emigrant life drawing us parallely into discovery of Vanka's life and work. In the process, a series of enigmatic stages takes place for which it is hard to find if they could be regarded as accidental due to their occurrence in such a great number.

Nena reveals physical resemblance with Vanka, uncovers secret of most strictly kept Vanka's memorabilia by means of his paintings as well as identicalness of Croatian emigrant destiny through fascinating frescoes in St. Nicholas Church in Pittsburgh.

The plot takes place on a few levels: mysterious level of enigmas, level of coincidences that can no longer be fortuitous, level of identity loss and finally, level of disclosing one forgotten Croatian painter as a leading figure.

There is only one mistake Nena has made and it lies in her presumption of the last secret. Expecting something great and significant in Vanka's encoded letters she happens to reveal an emotional human being who keeps his love story a secret all his life long.