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The art documentary movie Hidden Vanka - on the trail of an obsession directed by Branko Ivanda with the story of art historian Nevenka Posavec Komarica connects the hidden treasures of the collections of the museums in USA and Croatia, Michener museum, Doylestown PA, Pittsburg, St. Nicholas Church, Millville PA, Zagreb, Korcula...

What does it feel like to find yourself surrounded by the little things in which an artist created? How does it feel to recognize the atmosphere of the studio from one of his paintings? How does it feel to remember that in one picture, painted in Pennsylvania a peasant from Zagorje hides his treasure under a plank floorboard in his house and how does it feel to discover artist memorabilia after decades..?

What is it like to discover the hidden treasure of the artist who painted one of the most beautiful frescoes in America, in the church of St. Nikolas.

What does Vanka write to his friend in never deciphered letters?

Using the language of film, it brings to life the interesting legends and stories of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and from the lives of some European noble families connected to Zagreb and Croatia.

Vanka’s masterpiece in St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church tells timeless stories. They teach and preserve history, honor identity, community and faith, and enshrine the imperative of social justice, it is a gift to the next generation and beyond.

The authors of the film hereby invite cooperation and help in clarifying the secret letter